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     Wire Mesh>>Concrete Nails

We supply various iron nails including concrete iron nails at good quality.

Concrete nails are flat and countersunk head and diamond point. Concrete nails are widely used for concrete walls, stone and masonry structure and other building construction purpose.


Concrete Nails
Electro-Galvanized Blue-Finished
Nail Length Gauge No. Approx. pcs per lb Nail Length Shank Dia.
1" 12BWG 355 20mm 2mm
9BWG 182 25mm 2mm
1-1/4" 12BWG 244 25mm 2.5mm
9BWG 145 30mm 3mm
1-1/2" 12BWG 244 40mm 3mm
9BWG 123 50mm 3mm
2" 12BWG 184 60mm 3.4mm
9BWG 96 70mm 3.4mm
2-1/2" 8BWG 64 80mm 3.4mm
3" 7BWG 45 80mm 3.4mm
3-1/2" 40 100mm 4.2mm
4" 33